Great people, knowledgeable office, and excellent consultation

I was referred to Mr. Levy by another attorney, and it was worth the referral. I had been calling around to different attorneys regarding a legal matter and I was left with the best "gut instinct" after speaking to Mr. Levy and his office. I had found that other attorneys would either immediately talk about a low retainer few, or discuss outlandish settlement amounts, both of which seemed like I was getting canned "new client" answers just to be brought on board. During our initial phone consultation Mr. Levy discussed legal strategy, next actions, and presented me with different options which was immediately reassuring.

Mr. Levy's office staff has been polite, knowledgeable, and timely with their responses. I understand that courts and our legal system do not move fast, and the whole process takes time and moves at its own speed.; "hurry up, then wait" to use a military term. I had a few stressful moments like any other party to a lawsuit and when those happened Mr. Levy's office was kind enough to take a few moments out of their busy day to answer me even if just to say, "Yes, everything is fine and moving along as planned." I've always received a call back or reply to my emails within a business day - which if you've ever had to deal with an attorney's office before you'll know that kind of response time is VERY rare.

I understand why Mr. Levy came so highly recommended from other attorneys, and I'm glad I talked to his office before agreeing to get representation from another office. I highly, highly recommend contacting them for any legal matter!

Peter-St. Lucie


Could not have chosen better!

First, thank you Chad Levy, not once, but twice! Chad Levy was professional, diligent, and best of all, reasonable and patient, both times! If the day should ever arise again and I require his services, there is no doubt about who I will call, but it case you forgot, CHAD LEVY! And no, we are not related, I believe in recognition of good work, just as I would write a bad review if I were unsatisfied!

Thank you Chad,



Wrongful Termination

I was leery hiring an attorney on contingency simply because of the saying - You get what you pay for. My concerns were unfounded. While I never met Mr. Levy face to face, he was still able to connect with me like we had actually met. He stayed on top of my case and guided me through all the ins and outs us non legal people would not know. He advised me of the pluses and minuses of "my" choices and was willing to take the case in whichever direction I chose. From start to finish, I had my case settled in 8 months. I did consult with an attorney friend of the family from another State before signing. They felt it was a good piece of work for the case I was bringing.

September 17, 2016


Very satisfied and would highly recommend him!

Before I was referred to Chad Levy by a friend, I spoke to two other lawyers that totally wasted my time and delayed everything. After I met Chad Levy for the first time I knew I was in very good hands and very happy he took the case. He and his staff have been extremely knowledgeable, professional, and always took the time to explain everything in great detail. I always got a response to my emails or calls in a timely manner. I was always given the choice in which direction we should precede with the case (with his professional guidance). He was always available to explain anything about the case I was concerned or didn’t fully understand. I’m very satisfied with the outcome of the case and how everything worked out in my favor. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has any issues with unpaid overtime or has been wrongfully terminated (my situation).

October 9, 2016


Multiple Employment Matters Resolved!

I was referred to Chad Levy of Levy & Levy, PA because of how challenging my employment matter was. Having several outstanding disputes, Mr. Levy, together with his staff, listened to each issue and spend an abundance of time in understanding the full impact these matters had on my quality of life. My employer was hesitant in settlement negotiations, however Mr. Levy professionally compromised the terms in my favor. Court was avoided and compensation for my suffering was awarded. Although I feel court would have yielded better monetary results, compromise secured my family's comfort from suffering and resolved my claims in full. Mr. Levy responded to every email, as did his staff. All of my questions were answered in detail - even if I had to ask more than once due to my delicate state of mind. Each staff member was kind, compassionate and very easy to talk to. With situations like employment disputes, emotions are fragile and to fully understand options - much time is taken to advise what is best for each individual scenario. Mr. Levy took that time. My family cannot express in words the gratitude we have for Chad Levy and his firm.

November 24, 2015

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